2 Nests Hatching Together … on Tuesday

I didn’t check all of the eggs in the South and West nests today, only about half of them in each. But every one that I looked at was pipped (slightly broken in one place). That means ducklings will hatch within 24 to 48 hours, a time measurement that arguably started earlier today (Monday).

So by this time tomorrow (by 10pm Tuesday) we should be able to see ducklings in both nests. If they’ve hatched early tomorrow (Tuesday) they might jump on Wednesday morning. If they finish hatching late tomorrow then it will be Thursday. They need 20+ hours after hatching to be strong enough to go.

As usual I will have an outside camera set up for jump day. If I have to choose I will point it at the West nest, with 17 wood duck ducklings expected. However I’m also thinking about how I might position it to get a long-range view of both nests.


The Cardinals are getting bigger by the day. Fun to watch.

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