4 Ducklings Soon!

For the past month a wood duck has been incubating 4 eggs in the East nest box. All four were pipped this evening whereas yesterday the eggs were all intact so this is new as of today. The ducklings pip their eggs (break them in one tiny place) about 24 to 48 hours before they hatch.


  • 24 hours – if they hatch late on Friday, overnight, or quite early on Saturday then they would leave the nest Sunday morning. They usually spend at least 20 hours in the nest drying and getting bigger and stronger before they’re ready to go.
  • 48 hours – if they hatch about a day later than that, then they could leave Monday morning.

When they have hatched I will post another message, of course. As usual I plan to have an outside camera pointed at the nest box for Jump Day so that you can see the ducklings from both inside and outside of the nest.

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