9 ducklings

The west nest hen called her ducklings at about 8:15, led them to the creek, and they quickly went way downstream. There were 9 vigorous and healthy looking ducklings, and one unhatched egg.

She might have set the record for the longest look-around before committing: 19 minutes! (However she does not earn the Maximum Human Impatience award which is still held by a duck a few years ago that did about a half dozen ten-minute looks over the course of a couple of hours, before finally deciding to go.)

We said goodbye to the last wood ducks of the season today. All of the live cameras are shut down and the nest boxes are in the garage until next April. There will still be an occasional post to this blog – I do plan to put together a video since I got some good views of the ducks in the creek.

Yesterday I posted a short video that you might like about the House Wrens that are nesting next door. It’s linked from the main birdsgv.com “Videos” page, or here is a direct link.

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