A Little Goblin Attacks!

The cameras inside the duck nest boxes have shown that sometimes a SOMETHING will come in darkest part of the night. The video will show the nest box shaking as the camera bounces around and the audio will pick up the scratching and scraping of … claws? talons? The ducks are scared! Ducks never like to fly at night because they are strictly daytime birds with poor night vision, but they scramble desperately to get out and fly away into the dark to a safer place.

One night this spring one of the goblins finally revealed itself to the cameras – by getting into one of the nests! – and it also was captured in a night-time clip by an outside camera. The video shows how the duck’s choices determine what is required for a successful nest box design (the Little Goblin gets only some feathers).

(6 minutes)

One thought on “A Little Goblin Attacks!”

  1. Very interesting to see the racoon’s try to steal the eggs. The box design and mamma duck’s instincts about what makes a good nest are exactly right. Hope raccoon arms do not get longer.

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