A popular nest box

The wood ducks have been busy each morning lately: lots of action for a few hours. Usually there are 4 pairs in the yard and many attempts to get into the West nest box. One duck or another has been in there resting or laying – 5 eggs as of today – during most of the time from about 7:30 to 10:00. They are in the East box too, but not as often or as long and so far there are no eggs there.

I opened the side door and put the 5 eggs on top of the wood shavings for the first photo below. (I put them back and the ducks can’t tell that I did anything.) The duck with the “arrow bill”, Arabelle (second photo) was in there for an hour or so starting at 7:30, and then another duck also with a distinctive mark on her bill but much more subtle (third photo), was there for more than an hour.

Here’s a video of the second duck defending her place in the west nest box vs. another duck, unseen, who is hanging on and leaning in the entrance (30 seconds).

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