And next, Mergansers!

South nest
The mergansers are due any day soon, but not tomorrow, because when I checked all of the eggs this morning none of them were pipped. I’ll keep checking each day and will let you know when I have a jump day guesstimate.

East nest
12 ducklings!

A new arrival landing now! (It doesn’t hurt them.)

It took three tries – jumping up to the door to look around and then going back in – before she finally chose to go. It was a typical (and typically cute!) jump day. There will be a video in the near future, see “Video 2020” below.

But it was not a typical night-before-jump-day:

At about midnight something scared her out of the nest box. She flew off into the dark with ducklings left behind and she did not return until dawn. We were worried, but the ducklings were old enough (hours old!) to huddle together and stay warm on a cool night until she returned, and they all seemed fine when she finally got back.

Something has been spooking the ducks at night lately. Both the East and South nest box hens have left suddenly in the night two times each. I think we have a predator hunting the area that has not been successful due to very fast and strong (and scared) ducks. I made a video of one of the events and it includes my idea about what it might be!

Video 2020
I have video clips from both West nest jump day back on May 2nd, and also the East nest yesterday. But the mergansers are due to jump any day soon too so I think this year I’ll put together a compilation video of all of them.

West nest
A wood duck visits almost every day and when I checked yesterday there were five eggs in the nest box. The more eggs there are, the more likely it is that she will start incubating and we will have another round of baby ducks.

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