Cameras Moved! Cardinal pictures

The live streaming cameras have moved to a new address. If you’ve bookmarked the “AngelCam” links, you will now (soon) find that the cameras are not active there anymore along with a message about where to find them, which is:

Go to the home page and you’ll find the new link to the cameras.

New features:

  • All cameras are visible on one page
  • You can choose two for side-by-side viewing (great for Jump Day)
  • You still can view a single camera at a time too, similar to before
  • No ads!
  • Full screen view
  • Current status
  • Click the “Help & Tips” button on that page for more information

Wood ducks and Hooded merganser:

The eggs are due to hatch any day soon, but not tomorrow. I checked the merganser nest this morning and the West wood duck nest yesterday evening, and none of the eggs were pipped (slightly cracked to create an air hole). The ducklings do that about 24 to 48 hours before they hatch, so I try to catch the hen away from her nest each day to open up the nest box and check. I will let you know via a blog post, of course.

Cardinal nest

They grow so fast! Here are some screen shots from camera recordings yesterday:

Mom bringing some bugs.

“Who wants this fat caterpillar?”

Both the male and female make dozens of trips per day to keep their hungry babies full.

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