Cardinal Hatchling Video

At least one of the cardinal eggs has hatched! I made a short video of the tiny young bird’s first appearance on-camera and also include segment showing the male cardinal bringing some food, where he gives it to the female and she then feeds the little one.

Here is a link to the video for email subscribers, since video is not included via email. (It does show up within this message in the blog on the web site.) Also for the email, here’s an image from the video.

The female looks at her hungry baby cardinal.

One thought on “Cardinal Hatchling Video”

  1. That’s so amazing! I got a giggle too when the mom just sits on the open beaked face of her baby. I know she has to keep the other eggs warm, but it still struck me as funny.

    I love cardinals and their songs/calls. Neat to know how it is used.

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