Cardinal Photos

Two eggs have hatched. If you watch the live camera for even a short time you will probably see the adults bringing in food and feeding their young; they are busy! Both the male and the female forage sometimes, but the female spends more time on the nest and the male brings insects to her. Below are screen shots from the video this morning, and while the female was away from the nest I poked my phone in there and got some images of the hatchlings.

The male brings a small green caterpillar and hands it (well, actually he beaks it) to the female.
Now, where should I put this? …
… a very clear target: bugs should go in here!
Two mouths to feed, pick one.
Feed us! I slightly jiggled the nest as I worked my phone into the tree to take a picture, and they thought (hoped!) it was a parent bringing food.
They are so ugly-cute! The round parts at the top are their heads. How did they ever fit into an egg just a couple of days ago?

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