Cardinals 2021 – 10 days

I just now uploaded a new video. Here’s the Youtube description:

Watch a pair of cardinals feeding their two chicks as they grow from the size of a marble up to nearly as big as an adult in just 10 days. At the end a Cooper’s hawk takes both of the youngsters; a very tragic event for them and sad for us too, yet it is part of how nature works. The hawk has young to feed and songbirds are a significant food source for them.

I posted video of the first few days of this cardinal nest earlier this spring, but this version includes all 10 days of their short lives.

2 thoughts on “Cardinals 2021 – 10 days”

  1. Such a touching, informative and authentic film; it’s fantastic. Thank you for documenting the miraculous beauty that is present for us, literally in our backyards- if we only take the opportunity to notice.

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