Ducklings on about May 7

Incubation has begun in the west nest box. It sometimes can be hard to tell since ducks will sometimes rest there overnight without actually starting to incubate the eggs. But this time it’s clear: she has surrounded herself with down that she has plucked to allow body heat to get to the eggs and that she uses to tuck in around herself while on the nest and to cover the eggs when she leaves. And she has stayed on the nest for 16 hours Friday to Saturday, 18 hours Saturday to Sunday, and has been there for 22 hours since yesterday. Thus I’d say incubation started on Friday. Since wood duck incubation time is 30 days, plus or minus a couple of days, the ducklings should hatch sometime around May 7th.

I’ll get a count of the number of eggs the next time I see that she’s not in the nest. You should be able to see her almost any time that you check the camera during the next month. She will leave for only an hour or a few to get some food, once or twice per day.

Ducks continue to look into the East nest and go in for a few minutes, but so far no eggs there.

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    1. Yes. We know for sure that one egg is from another hen and you can actually see that happen at the end of the video posted on April 4th “Wood duck MMA”. Probably there are quite a few eggs from one or more other ducks in the nest. Just the one hen will do all of the incubating and caring for all of the ducklings. There’s more about that here.

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