Ducks, Cardinal cam!, and Robin

First, a ducks update:

No changes for the wood duck in the west nest and the merganser in the south nest. Both are on their nests for more that 20 hours each day and both should have ducklings sometime around the 16th, give or take a few days.

The east nest has been strange this year. In past years it’s often been the first to be claimed but this year the ducks have visited but not stayed. Two ducks provided eggs a few days apart, but then no more for a while. However … finally today one was in the East nest for a few hours, and she added an egg, and in particular she added some down. The down indicates she intends to claim it and incubate. Usually they don’t add down until they’re almost done laying. It might be a very small family.

During a few hours today all three nest boxes were occupied at the same time..Top-to-bottom::
West nest wood duck, incubating 18 eggs
East nest wood duck, adding 1 egg, there are now 3
Merganser incubating 12 eggs

Cardinal Nest

Yesterday we found a cardinal nest in our small Yew tree, so of course I had to add a camera. You can watch!

Here’s a link to the Cardinal camera.

HOWEVER: I’m revising the camera pages to improve them so this link might be replaced in the near future. If that occurs, I will announce the new link via a posting to this blog, of course. It will then also be linked from the page.

We don’t know when she started incubating and thus also don’t know when the eggs will hatch. Incubation time is 11 to 13 days and the young cardinals are in the nest for 7 to 13 days after they hatch. When that occurs there should be lots of activity since both parents feed the young.

The female cardinal on her nest. This is a screen shot from the camera that you can view, linked above.
She is incubating two eggs. Two or three is typical for a cardinal.
The camera is nestled into the tree just inches away from the nest. The camera is within a rain shield at the end of an arm attached to a tripod.

And, a Robin Nest

Finally, today we also happened to see some fluttering near the top of a tree next to the driveway. Binoculars revealed a good view of a robin on her nest. We’re lucky that there is a perfect gap in the branches if we stand way back away from the tree in our front yard. Here’s a telephoto shot taken from that spot. So …. I really should figure out how to get a camera up there too, right? Well, probably not. Her nest is about 20 feet above the ground.

3 thoughts on “Ducks, Cardinal cam!, and Robin”

    1. They do like conifers because their dense outer foliage provodes good cover and they have lots of twiggy branches that makes good anchorage for nests, but they will nest in many types of trees

  1. Paul,
    Thank you for your passion and for your work to share it with all of us. It made my day to see the live cam with the female cardinal.
    Tiffany L.

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