East 10

At least two ducks continue to visit the east nest box every morning and there were 10 eggs in there this morning. One of the hens is quiet and the other one (“Chirpy”) clucks continually – it’s a very noticeable difference. I think they’re both laying eggs. I’ve posted videos recently (Apr 4 and Apr 18) of an incubating hen vigorously defending her nest from an intruder but sometimes two will share a nest peacefully. These two were together for about 20 minutes before one of them left. No drama, just sitting together.

Incubation here will begin in a week or so but has not started yet. We know that because the nest box is empty except for an hour or so in the morning and occasionally for a little while in the afternoon. Until the eggs are kept continually warm they are dormant and do not begin to develop. This is why they hatch within hours of each other even though some were laid a couple of weeks before the others.

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