Hooded Merganser Jump Day 2020

It took almost a year, but I’ve finally uploaded a new video about the eleven hooded merganser ducklings that jumped on May 19th, 2020. We’ve had many wood duck families here but this was the first and so far the only time that a hooded merganser chose to raise her ducklings in one of our camera nest boxes.

The last several minutes include a section where the children who live in the house near the nest box run out to see the new ducks, another where I ran along the creek down to where there is some rapid water and managed to catch up to them and capture a few seconds. Then at the end they had gone beyond the point where I could follow along on the creek bank so I circled around through streets to get farther downstream and searched for almost an hour before finally discovering the place where they had stopped in some quiet water, and there I got my closing video clip. The video is just over 15 minutes long. I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Great compilation of the merganser’s story! Hope you have a wonderful spring- I’ve shared to my FB page

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