Invasion Video

Today I recorded from both inside and outside the nest box as a hen tried to invade the nest of the incubating duck. She again provided strong resistance and I think the invader left without leaving an egg. Any egg that was laid at this time would not hatch with the others since it would need at least 4 weeks of incubation and the others are due to hatch in about 2 to 3 weeks.

The egg count has gone up. It was 20 on April 10th just after incubation began and yesterday, the 17th, the count was 26. There’s still just one hooded merganser egg. The other 25 are wood duck eggs. I don’t think an incubating duck will lay more eggs; that is, I think she starts incubation only when she’s all done laying. Thus the additional eggs (and quite of few of the original 20) are from other ducks like the one that tried today.

I edited the video to show what was happening both inside and outside at the same time. All of the audio is from the camera inside the nest. The outside video was taken with my regular camera on a tripod in the dining room.

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