Nests and Cameras are ready

The nest boxes are set up now and the cameras are back online. Go to the main page for links to the cameras. HOWEVER: during the next couple of weeks you’ll be lucky to see anything other than wood shavings at the bottom of an empty nest box.

That’s because the ducks visit very briefly at this time of year. A hen will go in and toss the wood chips around with beak and feet, sit and wiggle, turn a bit, sit and wiggle, but then after a few minutes she’s gone. They’re just shopping, kind of like what you might do if you went to the auto show and tried sitting in some cars. Later when the ducks start laying they also aren’t in the nest box very long: maybe 10 minutes to a half hour typically; sometimes longer and occasionally a duck will rest in the nest overnight although she isn’t incubating. After all eggs have been laid and one hen starts actual incubation you can count on seeing the duck in the nest for about 20 hours on every day.

Your best time to check right now is in the morning. Not at dawn – not real early. They wait for full daylight before moving around because they are in the middle of the food chain and want to easily see any creatures that might eat them!

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