New Video and 8 New Ducklings

On June 8th the East nest ducklings jumped from the nest box at about 8:45. There were 9 eggs, 1 of them did not develop and did not hatch, 7 ducklings went away with momma duck, and 1 duckling went away with me to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota.

The duckling that went with me was a day late and did not hatch with the others; that is, when the 7 left there were 2 un-hatched eggs. But when I opened the side door on the nest box to clean it out the next morning, there was this new little duckling looking back at me. I closed the door, went to get Barbara, and without telling her what she would see asked her to open it and look in. I took video and pictures to record this and also the little duckling’s trip to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. I combined this with other video (from other nests and other years) to create a new movie. I’m pleased with it; it is called:

Little Woodie’s First Day – A children’s story for the child in all of us

Below are three still images from the video and the video itself. (And here’s another link to the video that takes you to YouTube’s site.) Enjoy!

The nesting season is done for this year. On May 19th we watched 11 hooded mergansers at the south nest and also 16 wood ducks at the west nest, both jumping on the same morning: the streaming service reported 300 views. And then a few days ago 7 wood duck ducklings from the east nest plus the bonus duckling the next morning. It was fun. Good luck little ducks!

There will be two more postings to this blog about videos that I’m working on: 1) I’m almost done with a video about the cardinals. I previously posted video about them but this one has additional footage and editing showing their development over the 10 days of their very short lives, and 2) a video with the working title “Attack of the Goblin!” … what is it? Well, it is coming soon.

A cute little surprise in the East nest box
On the way to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Roseville MN
Little Woodie arriving at a temporary new home.

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