Nest Boxes Ready, Ducks Needed

Ready for 2024! I set up all three of the wood duck houses today but so far only Mallards are in the area; we haven’t seen (or heard – usually I hear them first) any wood ducks or hooded mergansers yet. I’ll let you know when they arrive.


I’ll have cameras in the nest boxes again this season, of course, but they won’t be live for you for quite a few weeks. Why? During the first couple of weeks after they arrive a duck will be in the nest box for only a few minutes each day. They kick wood shavings around, trying sitting in various positions, then they leave. So your chance of seeing anything other than wood shavings by watching a live view is really small. (I see what they’re doing by checking the camera’s motion-triggered recordings.) Even after laying begins the odds go up only a bit: a duck will be in the nest box for a half-hour or an hour, usually, once per day to lay an egg. Then finally incubation starts and a duck is in the nest almost all the time.

This is who we’re looking for:

Wood ducks
Hooded mergansers

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