They’re Back!

Today for the first time we heard a few of the distinctive plaintive calls that are so easy to recognize – here’s an audio clip – and when we looked out the window we saw a pair of wood ducks in the back yard! The hen was on top of the low electrical box that provides camera power (yellow arrow), looking up at the bare post (blue arrow) where the nest box goes. It looked like she was wondering “WHERE is my Nest!?” I wish I’d captured that shot but by the time I had the camera they were walking away. They flew off but then came back into the yard again a few minutes later.

I’ll get the nest boxes set up today and the cameras will be online again too, very soon. I’ll let you know.

One thought on “They’re Back!”

  1. Heck yeah, can’t wait to check back in on them. I have a hen incubating 13 eggs right now in Texas on our pond.

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