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This morning the four wood duck ducklings jumped from the East nest at about 11:00am (we were up at 7:00, watching, waiting, waiting, waiting …) and that’s the end of nesting for this year. It included:

  • May 20 – East nest: 17 Wood duck ducklings
  • May 23 West nest: 10 Wood duck ducklings
  • June 8 – South nest: 2 Hooded merganser duckings
  • July 9 – East nest: 4 Wood duck ducklings

If you go to the web site main page and scroll down a bit, you’ll see the duckling count for each nest box for each year starting in 2016. We had wood ducks here before that – my first video called “A Wood Duck Story was made in 2010 – but I didn’t keep totals from the earlier years. Starting in 2016 and up through this year a whole lot of little ducklings have jumped into the big world from here: 304 wood ducks and 28 hooded mergansers!


I also made 2 videos this year:

“Raccoon Inside!” – 7 minutes – a raccoon got completely inside of the Hooded merganser nest box but got only one egg. It’s kind of amusing because the raccoon got stuck halfway through the nest box opening both going in and coming out again.

“Two Hooded Merganser Ducklings” – 3 1/2 minutes – the live video stream was not working well on jump day so I made this video from the camera recordings.

As usual links to those are on the web site “Videos” page. The newer videos are at the top.


I hope you enjoyed watching this year!


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