Video: West nest jump day, round 2

I just now uploaded a video of the second round of ducklings jumping from the west nest box on July 6th. It includes the ground-level camera view that some of you watched live on that day, the camera that is inside the nest box, and also a telephoto view from a camera that I set up in the dining room.

The low-level view is interesting to watch, the flowers and hostas and ducks are pretty, the hen and ducklings are great entertainers as always, and I got some nice scenes of the family in the creek. Getting video of the ducks in the creek has happened before, of course, but this time was a good one. About half of the time I can’t find them when I go out to look because either they’ve gone up into the brush along the bank somewhere and are hiding or they are already way downstream. This time they were nearby when I went out with my camera and even though the foliage has grown tall and hides much of the creek from view, they stayed on the far side where I could film them.

You can see in the video how fast they can go out of sight: the time from the last one jumping until my final shot where they are a couple of blocks away and still moving was only about 15 minutes.

Here’s the video:

This is now the end of the wood duck season and there won’t be much activity on this blog until next spring (unless I find something else to post about). I hope you enjoyed these looks into the beautiful world of birds and nature. I certainly did!

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