West nest round 2 starting soon

As of this morning there are 17 eggs in the west nest box. There were 9 just 4 days ago so there are two ducks putting eggs in there (a hen produces about 1 egg per day). One of them has been staying in the nest overnight for the past two nights and there is lots of down. But nobody was there during the day, the eggs are cool (when I checked this morning – she’s resting on top of them but not heating them), and laying is still happening too, so incubation has not quite started. Soon.

When I open up a mostly idle nest box to check it, I’ll sometimes put a leaf in the center as a “duck visit detector”. Later if it’s gone (buried) or moved I’ll check the camera’s recording to see if anything interesting has happened.

A duck has visited the east nest box a few times for a few minutes, just checking it out. No eggs are there as of today. The south nest box has had no activity since the merganser ducklings hatched 4 days ago.

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