Wood ducks sighted

The 2021 nesting season has begun. The wood ducks are kind of late this year but we’ve now seen them in the creek and the back yard too. Below is a photo of a pair that came up onto the patio a few days ago to eat the seeds that fall from a bird feeder.

Cameras are now active in the East and West nest boxes and in the next few days I’ll set up the South nest box camera too (go to the main birdsgv.com page for links to the cameras) However unless you’re lucky there won’t be anything but wood shavings to see right now. In the early weeks the hens visit the nests very briefly, typically for just a few minutes as the check out possible nesting sites. Later they will visit for a longer time when laying, but that’s not long either: anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour or so. The nest boxes therefore are empty for most of the day until they start incubating.

I can check for activity each day because the cameras are set up to record for a few minutes whenever there is any motion and I can view those brief recordings. If something interesting occurs I’ll write about it here.

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  1. Thank you, Paul. Following the nesting and fledging of the ducks has become a rite of Spring for me. We are always a couple weeks behind here, “up nort”. I saw my first ducks today, on a patch of open water, on Little Sand Lake.

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